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In Test, Windows 7 Vulnerable To 8 Out of 10 Viruses

Posted by silverstag on November 5, 2009

Why am I not surprised? Still, Windows 7 is the coolest OS I have used ever. I haven’t tried a MAC ever so can’t really vouch for Win7 here.

via Slashdot by kdawson on 11/3/09

As Windows 7's market share passes 3.6%, up from 1.9% the day before launch, llManDrakell notes an experiment they did over at Sophos. They installed Windows 7 on a clean machine — with no anti-virus protection — with User Access Control in its default configuration. They threw at it the next 10 virus/worm samples that came in the door. Seven of them ran; UAC stopped only one baddie that had run in the absense of UAC. "Lesson learned? You still need to run anti-virus on Windows 7."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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