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Supporting Equality : No on 8

Posted by silverstag on January 17, 2009

Humans are the supreme most beings in this world. We are supreme because we have the ability to think, to influence the future of this planet, to protect those other beings that cannot defend themselves. Our freedom to choose what is best for us and the rest of the world is what that defines our supremacy.

Every human being has a right to make his own choices in life, provided his choices don’t trespass on the law. Now, who makes these laws? Governments. A government, despite all the trivialities that surround a proposition, has to keep it’s citizens’ best interests in mind before passing a law. While a government should enforce law that keeps it’s citizens from harm and unrest besides other things, there are lines that even a government can’t cross, if not for the sanctity of it but at least for preserving human integrity.

Who then, gives the right to a government to conflict it’s citizens’ choices. Proposition 8 is one such encroachment on people’s freedom to choose.

Here’s what Proposition 8 proposes to achieve : ELIMINATE RIGHT OF SAME–SEX COUPLES TO MARRY.

Marriage is a testament to the love between two individuals, same sex or otherwise. No one has the right to declare love as unconstitutional. Not even god. As the ones who elected a government people should also influence its functioning where necessary. If you, like me, think Proposition 8 is not in the best interests of Humans you can support the same here.

I really love that corporates like Google are taking a stand on issues that have an impact as significant and wide as this. They are doing this out of interest for their business but it doesn’t reduce the value and sensitivity of the gesture. By the way if you are business running in california, you can support “No on 8” here.


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