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iKindle: A better kindle.

Posted by silverstag on August 24, 2008

This is something I came up with. This is some gadget I wish Apple or Amazon or some other company would create. What is iKindle? Well, you know of iPhone(if you don’t, stop reading this post 😉 ) and you must have heard of “Kindle“. Kindle is an e-book reader. That is an under statement if I leave it at that. Head to wikipedia for more details as I don’t want to sail off topic here.

iKindle would integrate iPhone’s legendary touch interface into Kindle. Slap in some Wi-Fi and you have the best Kindle that could be. The device should have these crazy features:

  • flipping and skimming through pages,
  • highlighting text by dragging a finger across it and providing instant look up on the same,
  • marking dog-ears by pinching a page you are reading,
  • split screen that will display pages of the e-book side-by-side so you could think you are actually reading off a book.
  • browsing the internet and downloading e-books from Kindle store on the go,
  • a decent storage capacity,
  • audio player that would even play “ogg”,
  • what’s missing..ahhhh… a movie player,
  • support for ODF documents,
  • a small note taking app.

Imagine the iPhone’s keyboard on this baby. Oh! boy, that would be a treat indeed. This would all look even better if the device runs on Linux and is hacker friendly. Hmmm… me and my wild dreams. I think I should file a patent on this. May be I will if my lawyer says I can’t be sued by Apple or Amazon 😉 .


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