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My tech blog is relocated.

Posted by silverstag on August 23, 2008

Hi! Folks.

For those of you who bother with reading my blogs, note that my tech blog has been relocated to http://silv3rstag.blogspot.com. It was previously hosted at http://silver5tag.blogspot.com. So, please update the links on your webpages.


Why the change now? Well, “silv3rstag” looks way cooler than “silver5tag”.

Why silv3rstag?  I’m a bit of a Harry Potter fan and I like Harry’s patronus. Further, I will be a stag for the near forseeable future 🙂 and “silverstag” is already taken on the blogspot domain.

Why keep two blogs? I started bogging on Blogger first and then I was trying WordPress out. Now, I kinda like both of them.


One Response to “My tech blog is relocated.”

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