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I Love J.K. Rowling

Posted by silverstag on July 22, 2007

Spoiler Warning : This post might contain (subtle) spoilers for the latest Harry Potter book. Be warned. I will try to write carefully and not reveal too much. But, if you haven’t read the book yet, please be cautious while you read ahead.

I’ve just finished “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows“. The book was an Incredible, amazing, and a spellbinding thriller. The pace, breathtaking and breakneck. The twists, sinister, and the turns, equally relieving. There are a couple of loose ends though, or may be I missed something. It was very hard to exercise self-restraint while i was practically skimming (read skipping) through some pages just to know what happened on the next page. I’m not gonna talk about the loose ends here, though I am very sure about one particular thing that happens towards the end of the book.

Mrs.Rowling, Hats off to your genius. I absolutely loved your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I missed a lunch reading it. You would understand what that means if you knew me. I mean, I’ve never missed a meal to continue reading a book. I barely left my bean bag unless for meals or ‘nature-calls’ 🙂 . “Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban ” has been my favourite book of the series so far. Now, that changes. Deathly Hallows will be my favourite now. Thank you for another great Book. Thank you for a wonderful and beautiful ending you have given it. I have decided to advice my future kids to read your books.

Those of you who haven’t read the book, go ahead and do so. It’s just ………. (fill any superlative you could think of for a book).


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