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News on the Google front.

Posted by silverstag on June 8, 2007

Hello Folks!

Here’s a bunch of news about Google. Some of them are a little late though. Couldn’t help it. Got caught up at work this week and couldn’t get around my feeds.

Google Enterprise Professional Program:
Google says they can’t “do it all”. This is about the Google Enterprise Search.  Courage is not taking up a challenge and trying to acheive a lofty goal. Courage is saying you “Can’t do it without guidance”(when you actually can’t). That’s exactly what Google says with regard to Enterprise Search.
Here’s an excerpt from the Official Google Blog: …there are plenty of businesses with expertise in this stuff — systems integrators and independent software vendors that know more about specialized enterprise environments than we ever could. So today we’re announcing this program to help customers get more value out of their Google enterprise search deployments.

Google toolbar for FireFox is out of beta.
From the offical Google Blog: ..We also heard from plenty of savvy Firefox users who wanted to be able to reorganize their Toolbar with Firefox’s Customize feature. So in the latest version of the Toolbar, you can go to the View > Toolbars > Customize menu to rearrange icons to your heart’s content. You can even move the search box around! Get it here.

Googlebombing: Don’t worry! Google hasn’t bombed anything. Googlebombing is  a term coined to describe how search results are influenced by linking to a particular page or site. More about it on Wikipedia.  Follow this link to read what Google has to say on this.

Here are Google’s latest acquisitions. FeedBurner and Panoramio (This hasn’t been aquired yet. But soon will be.)

Finally, here’s something for those people who are paranoid about Google accumulating our searches to provide personalised results. Head to this article on Financial Times.

That’s about it. Will be back soon.
Keep Smiling.


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