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[Gonna be] Made in India: Air-Powered Car – City Cat .

Posted by silverstag on May 29, 2007

Yes, You read it right. It’s a compressed air-powered car and is being made by the Indian Car maker Tata Motors. This is not exactly something ground breaking (supposedly). I can’t speak for every one of you but, I couldn’t believe it. Tata Motors putting weight behind something this out-of-the-box? Wow!. Good to know and good for the company too. I’ve personally hated all the 4-wheelers Tata Motors has ever released. The company is good, but the designers out there seem to be sleeping through half their work time. I find their vehicles to be either cheap rip-offs or something, same-crap-in-a-new-package.

Nice to see an Indian company trying to bring some innovation into it’s products. I don’t see it happening much around here. I hope to see these cars soon in the market. Sooner, the better. Summer peak temperatures are increasing every year in this country.

Head to these links for more info and specs:

Note: I work for one of the Tata Companies. (Hope this post won’t land me in trouble 😉 ). So, don’t get thinking that i hate Tata Motors. Statiscally, Tata Motors’ 4-wheelers actually sell a good amount in India. Don’t ask me how!. People must find something good about them.


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