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MS Windows and Office violate 532 patents?

Posted by silverstag on May 18, 2007

Lately, there’s been a buzz about Microsoft’s claim that Linux violates 235 of their patents. Let me start by quoting a proverb from my mother tongue(translated of course): “Set your house right before trying change the world”. Can you guess why i quoted that particular adage?. Well, read this post on Ed Burnette’s Dev Connection.

Don’t get opinionated yet. Read the complete post. Seems to me that these claims from Microsoft, are just a way to Sabotage the momentum Open source software has been and is picking up. We will have to wait and see what happens.

Update: Looks like i was prejudiced about this whole thing. Microsoft doesn’t want to sue the Open source community after all. Read this. Via Linux.com
Here’s another interesting post on Linux Journal. This article takes a different angle on the whole patent claim deal. I particularly like the analogy he draws of Microsoft with Sun and IBM. Read it and you’ll like it. More News here:

Via Linux&OpenSrc Blog.


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