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A tryst with Microsoft technologies and a passionate affair with OpenSource.

Posted by silverstag on April 25, 2007

Hello! People.

 I came across this post on ONLamp.com. The author of the post puts forth his views  about making a choice of technology/platform for your project, the bargains you get in the process and all the hassles and comforts involved with your choices. It’s pretty insightful.

Personally, I’ve worked on both microsoft technologies and on the platforms offered by OpenSource technologies. Though i’m huge fan of OpenSource and all that. I have to admit that my experience with ADO.NET and ASP.NET has been delightful. When you’re working with Microsoft technologies you get the comfort of seamless integration between various Tools and applications you use. And the documentation, that’s my favourite.  MSDN has been my one-stop solution center whenever i ran into troubles. And of course you have a myriad of forums and other resources available on the net.

Read the original post, which is kinda funny too.


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