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Google! – Oh! My God.

Posted by silverstag on April 19, 2007

Hey! Folks.

I’ve been a bit busy and lazy(when i did have time) lately. But, whatever. Here’s some interesting stuff on Google.

Did you know Google is going to sell ads on Radio. They have bought a company that has built a Java based PowerPoint solution. They have bought DoubleClick, a provider of internet ad serving software. Google Spreadsheets now allows you to make charts. And the latest and my favourite: Searching without a query. That was a link to Google blog. Here’s a link to the post on Google Operating System. I’ll wait a while, check that link out. You’re back? Good! How cool is that? It is AWESOME. I was amazed to see what Google recommended for me. Go ahead, add the Recommendations tab your Personalised Home Page.

So, if you ever get embarrassed by a recommendation(Could happen) thrown at you by Google or, if you don’t want Google tracking your searches. Here’s how you do it. I sure disable Personalised search once in a while.

There you go. That’s the updates for now.

And yes, Thanks to Google Operating System for all these cool tips.


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