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Google updates.

Posted by silverstag on April 30, 2007

Alright! here are some updates on the Google front. All via the Google Operating System blog of course. Some of them would have been announced on the Official Google Blog first. But, i check all the Google announcements via Google Operating System. ūüôā

Indulge yourself.


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A tryst with Microsoft technologies and a passionate affair with OpenSource.

Posted by silverstag on April 25, 2007

Hello! People.

¬†I came across this post¬†on ONLamp.com. The author of the post¬†puts forth his views ¬†about making a choice of¬†technology/platform for¬†your project, the¬†bargains you get in the process and all the hassles and comforts involved with your choices. It’s pretty insightful.

Personally, I’ve worked on both microsoft technologies and on the platforms offered by OpenSource technologies. Though i’m huge fan of OpenSource and all that. I have to admit that my experience with ADO.NET and ASP.NET has been delightful. When you’re working¬†with Microsoft technologies you get the comfort of seamless integration between various Tools and applications you use. And the documentation, that’s my favourite.¬†¬†MSDN¬†has been my one-stop solution center whenever i ran into troubles. And of course you have¬†a myriad of forums and other resources available on the net.

Read the original post, which is kinda funny too.

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Open Community.

Posted by silverstag on April 24, 2007

Check this post on O’Reilly Radar. Its insipiring how a community is formed around a project for collaborating and sharing. Sharing and growing, what a delightful way of coexistence. It finally brings out the good in each one of us.¬†

 Hats Off! to all the Open Source projects out there encouraging the common good in all of us.

On a different note:¬†Do you use Gmail and Firefox everyday? If Yes, then you should probably check out this new Firefox extension “Better Gmail”¬† here.¬† This is the link to the original post. You could also install directly by clicking on this link. Thanks to LifeHacker for this cool new extension.

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Google! – Oh! My God.

Posted by silverstag on April 19, 2007

Hey! Folks.

I’ve been a bit busy and lazy(when i did have time) lately. But, whatever. Here’s some interesting stuff on Google.

Did you know Google is going to sell ads on Radio. They have bought a company that has built a Java based PowerPoint solution. They have bought DoubleClick, a provider of internet ad serving software. Google Spreadsheets now allows you to make charts. And the latest and my favourite: Searching without a query. That was a link to Google blog. Here’s a link to the post on Google Operating System. I’ll wait a while, check that link out. You’re back? Good! How cool is that? It is AWESOME. I was amazed to see what Google recommended for me. Go ahead, add the Recommendations tab your Personalised Home Page.

So, if you ever get embarrassed by a recommendation(Could happen) thrown at you by Google or, if you don’t want Google tracking your searches. Here’s how you do it. I sure disable Personalised search once in a while.

There you go. That’s the updates for now.

And yes, Thanks to Google Operating System for all these cool tips.

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