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Biometric ATM’s

Posted by silverstag on January 22, 2007

Check out this post about biometric ATM’s coming to india. I’m glad that biometrics is being put good use and all but, i had a bit of trepidation as i was reading the post. More on that later.

All the banks i interact with take me through a two factor authentication for all my online transactions. It’s a really cool thing, this “something you know and something you have” thing for authentication. And we are getting biometric ATM’s this means that soon all our dealings with banks will go through some form of biometric authentication and that is just great(atleast for people like me whose signatures can be easily forged). I’ll be a happy soul when biometric banking kicks-in in full scale in india.

Now, to the sinister part of the post. I stay in Bangalore and crime over here is not something that could be taken light-heartedly. I’ve heard of incidents where criminals have got cash withdrawn by the victims at knifepoint. So, with biometric ATM’s criminals won’t need the victims anymore, they just need their cards and fingers(or worse, their hands). I hope it doesn’t come to that end. And yes, that reminds me of this dialogue from a famous hindi movie Sholay, ye haath mujhe dede thakur. Only, it’s not an entertaining thought.

I sincerely wish that no one will ever find themselves in such a situation.


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